Another Streaming Service?

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Another Streaming Service? Have you heard of this? Traffick Media is here to keep you updated on all the new streaming services.

Mubi has now launched their streaming service in India. Mubi is a little different than the other streaming services. Mubi offers a slightly lower price for their service. With the lower price, comes less options. For a month subscription in India, they charge $7/month or if you buy a year subscription it comes out to $67 which is $5.5/month.

The company focuses on having a limited selection of movies and will only have 30 vintage and recent movies on their platform. Every day, one new title appears on the service and another title disappears. No title will last longer than 30 days on their platform.

Founded in 2007, Mubi initially wanted to be what Netflix is today. When they couldn’t afford the thousands of titles to their users, they had to pivot. With over 9 million subscribers, they have been able to maintain their own niche in the market. The service is available in the UK, US, and India.

If you do live in India, they have launched a dedicated channel where local movies are being showcased. The customers also have global access which allows them to be able to access 60 titles a month.  

Is Mubi a service that interests you? Do you like the idea of a limited amount of titles compared to Netflix’s mass amount of options?

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