Case Studies

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

Website Development – Photography

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar located in the Legendary Galt House Hotel underwent a massive renovation and wanted their updated venue to be reflected online. After learning our customer’s goals for this project, we knew the entire site needed a face lift. Traffick Digital Media managed and edited all photography and designed a website that reflects the new Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar.



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Anonymous Marketing Client

Ad Creation -Programmatic Display Implementation

This client is a very well-known brand selling high end medical devices. Although they had built a successful business, they weren’t sure they were getting the best return on investment possible. Traffick Digital Media was tasked with auditing their analytics to see if they are getting the biggest bang for the buck on their marketing spend. 

After doing an in depth analysis of data, we found ample opportunities that would increase this client’s ROI. We showed the client the deficiencies as well as the impact of what correcting these short-comings would equate to in terms of revenue. Over the past year, this client has set records month over month for highest sale revenue and are up more than 180% year over year even while being supported by a large advertising agency. 

Since the beginning of our relationship together, this company has yielded their highest profit margins month over month and up over 85% year over year.