Cortana to be Shutdown?

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Is Cortana being shutdown by Microsoft? Traffick Media has you covered with all of the newest updates on technology trends.

Microsoft’s voice assistant app, Cortana, will soon start to lose support on IOS and Android. Its end of life date is January 31st, 2020, where the app will lose all support. Microsoft Launcher will be releasing an updated version with Cortana removed from its products. After the end of life date, the reminders and lists that users have set in their app will no longer function in the app or the launcher. If you have the Microsoft To Do application then those reminders and lists will automatically sync to the app and continue to work.

Microsoft tried to compete with the likes of Apple and Google with their own assistant Cortana, but it never really caught on with the public. For the past couple of years, Microsoft has slowly been holding off its plans for Cortana and have finally decided to end the project in terms of it being a competitor against Alexa and Siri. The company has decided instead to start focusing on Cortana-powered smart speakers.

Cortana never really gained the traction and notoriety as its competitors in Siri and Alexa. Did you use Cortana? What did you like or dislike about the assistant?

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