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Digital Advertising

Traffick Digital Media specializes above all else in generating a return on investment through digital advertising for our customers. In the past, it was almost impossible to compete with the larger companies because of their ad spend, but that’s no longer the case. Traffick Digital Media serves millions of impressions every month, meaning that you can get the ad placements that only Fortune 500 companies could attain before.

Traffick Digital Media doesn’t just settle for the best ad placements. Google’s platform updates roughly every 4 minutes if you were to continually refresh the page. With our team of experts to implement and optimize along with scripts and algorithms that update in real time 24/7/365, we are confident the results we deliver can’t be matched. 

Here at Traffick, we understand consumers are spending money on digital marketing to get noticed, drive traffic, and most importantly, to generate revenue. With a firm foundation in our infrastructure, we work with our customers to provide custom strategies that allow our customers to generate the highest return on investment possible. 

We know that if you aren’t making money then we aren’t making money. This is why we find it imperative to offer the very best solutions possible to our customers to ensure not only the highest ROI possible, but the possibility of growing future ad spend. We truly believe we are business partners to our customers and we treat every one of our customers as such.  

See some real results for real customers below…

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Display is our most popular vertical used in digital advertising at Traffick Digital Media. Programmatic advertising uses intelligent artificially intelligent software to automatically buy digital advertising space. This methodology is so effective in fact that in 2018, over 80% of all digital display marketing in the world was done via programmatic advertising. 

With our team of experts and our intelligent software constantly optimizing campaigns, we are willing to put our results up against anyone. Our team is willing to compare and contrast results against anyone who may be using programmatic advertising now, show where the shortcomings may be and most importantly, show the return on investment you would be getting if your budget reflected our results.

Would you rather make more money off of your current spend? Of course you would… We are here to show you exactly how that could happen for you today.


Pay-Per-Click is a bit more traditional, but highly effective nonetheless. There are specific industries who may benefit from pay-per-click more so than others. If you’ve ever done a google search for a product or service, you’ve likely noticed the top few suggestions are sponsored. These sponsored ads are pay-per-click digital campaigns. 

Pay-per-click is best used for companies who may have trouble competing for consumers organically. Pay-per-click is also easily measurable with specific business goals in mind such as downloads or booking appointments, but can be used for sales and lead generation as well. 

Even though pay-per-click is more expensive than programmatic advertising, our team of experts and our custom software will ensure the highest return on investment possible.

If you’re currently paying for pay-per-click digital advertising, we’d like to compare costs and results. We are confident we can stretch your ad spend into more sales and more revenue. 

Video Advertising

Video advertising is an excellent way to engage customers to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Video advertising is best used with companies who have already invested in developing video assets for their brand. A video is a sure fire way to immerse a potential customer into your brand, your messaging and what separates you from your competition. 

With the typical consumer’s attention span reducing, video advertising can help retain their attention more so than other traditional methods of digital marketing if it’s done correctly. 

Video quality, your specific message and how your video engages your consumer are essential qualities for a successful video campaign.

Due to the costs associated with video advertising compared to other traditional digital marketing strategies, this strategy is best served as an all in or all out methodology. 

Our team of experts at Traffick Digital Media  can help you achieve all of these goals. With a full production studio, you can be rest assured our team of production experts can ensure your video generate awareness, leads and conversions for your business.