Facebook Pay Could Affect What Ads You See

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Facebook pay could affect what ads you see, Traffick Media is here to tell you what you need to know and how it may effect your experience.

Facebook has rolled out a new way to donate to fundraisers, make in-game purchases, pay friends, and even buy products from select Pages and Businesses including Facebook Marketplace. All a user has to do is connect their PayPal account and debit or credit cards to their Facebook pay and they will have access to all of these new features.

Credit and bank account numbers will be protected for obvious reasons but the ads you see on Facebook may change based on your purchases. For example, if you were to buy a baseball glove, then you may see more ads for a baseball bat. It may use your actions that are made through Facebook Pay to be able to deliver ads and content that are relative to your purchases.

This comes at a time when Facebook, the company, has changed its logo to be able to distinguish itself from the social media subsidiary. It looks as though Facebook is trying to integrate its family of apps on all fronts instead of potentially listening to proposals to break up the company.

Facebook will be competing with Venmo and Apple Pay in an already crowded space. Will you use Facebook Pay? What are you currently using in terms of payment apps?

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