Traffick digital media website audit


Traffick Digital Media’s free Website audit tool is designed to allow our customers the opportunity to have complete transparency in to their website. Our tool measures a number of components dealing with your online presence that could be assets or liabilities to your domain’s success. 

  1. SEO Results – Your free SEO analysis will identify your website’s title tag and your meta description which is what populates when keywords are searched that populate your website in Google.

  2. Usability – Usability focuses on the user experience of your website. Online users want to access accurate information quickly. If your website is slow to render, hard to read, or hard to navigate, you could be losing potential opportunities and revenue from organic traffic.

  3. Performance – Performance focuses on your server infrastructure on the back end as well as hot that translates to your website performance for end users.

  4. Social – Social focuses on your social media networks and their integration into your website. Having a strong social media presence is another way to generate awareness and brand loyalty.

  5. Security – Security addresses any possible threats to your website and possible threats to your customers. Ensuring these protocols and threats are addressed is paramount in ensuring you and your customers are protected.

  6. Recommendations – Yes, it’s true… Not only will our scan tell you what vulnerabilities your site may have, but we will also tell you how to fix them! Here at Traffick Digital Media we always value and provide transparency to our customers and this is no different. 

What's In It For Traffick Media?

Unlike most digital marketing companies that our customers have dealt with in the past, Traffick Digital Media is here to solve problems for our customers, not create them.

Have you ever gone in for an oil change and been told you need to replace your air filter, windshield wipers and basically everything they can sell you? Yeah… we hate that too…

Traffick Digital Media treats our customers and potential clients differently by providing absolute transparency. If you run your scan and the recommendations seem to be a bit over your level of expertise, we hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to discuss and resolve any issues that you may have. 

There are a lot of companies who do what we do, they just don’t do it as well. 

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