Google’s CallJoy Releases Update

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Did Google release an update on their CallJoy service? Traffick Media has you covered on all of the updates to make sure that you stay informed.

Google’s Area 120 in-house incubator launched CallJoy earlier this year. CallJoy before the update would answer calls, block spammers or robocalls, provide callers/customers with basic business information and would redirect them to SMS for other requests. It could help with hours of business, address, to-go orders and/or basic appointment booking.

Now, CallJoy’s phone agent can answer more questions from customers more intelligently. The service now answers the phone with a simple “can I help you?” and will then give a response to the question that the customer will then ask. If someone called a restaurant that was using this service about vegetarian options, the business could program the CallJoy to answer the question and send them a text with the menu.

Unfortunately, this is not done through AI, but Google does allow their customers to be able to access the information that is given through the phone calls in a dashboard. Companies can use the data retrieved from the phone calls to be able to know what questions are being asked and train the CallJoy to be able to answer the questions that are being asked. It also gives information on peak times for calls and their call volume. Even if a company likes the personal touch of being able to talk to a real person, this could help when they are too busy or when the business is closed. CallJoy will also email a daily recap of everything that CallJoy did so that business owners can know when and how it was used.

This product is mostly marketed towards small business with a price of $39/month for the service. Initially, the company had an invite-only launch in May but has since released the business to the public and has had “thousands” of small businesses sign up. If you’re a small business, does this type of product interest you?

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