How to clear space on your macbook

How to Clear Space on Your Mac

Wondering how to clear space on your Mac? Dealing with storage issues on your computer can be daunting and make you want to throw it against the wall.  I understand, however your solution is could only take a few steps that anyone can do on their own.  In this tutorial I will show you have simple it is to remove unwanted items easily on your mac with just 5 steps. On a side note this is not a fix all issues tutorial however if you are getting this error message: “disk space full” or “storage full” this should get you squared away.

Step 1: Click About This Mac – by clicking the apple icon on the top left of your computer.

How to clear space on your mac

Step 2: Click Storage on the box that appears it should look something like this…

how to clear your mac - step 2

Step 3: Click Manage Next to your Disk shown here…

Step 3 how to clear space on your mac

Step 4: View and complete the Recommendations shown below…

How to clear your mac step 4

Step 5: Check your messages, iPhone backups, documents, and downloads for no longer needed items and delete them.

Make sure to clear your trash and reboot your computer to finalize all the deletions and you should be good to go.  Did this not fix your issue let us know in the comments below.


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