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How To Fill Out The Perfect NCAA Bracket

How to fill out the perfect NCAA bracket?

First, find a coin. Then flip it. Then pray to the NCAA basketball gods that they will allow you to get a couple right….

These steps may not be the best advice but we are going to give you our best steps to try and win every bracket challenge.

The first thing you want to know is that a 16 seed has only beaten the 1 seed one time in the history of the tournament. Do not go for the crazy picks early in your bracket. Take the favorites in this type of scenario.

A 12 seed will beat a 5 seed…..most likely. 12 seeds in the tournament are notorious for beating at least one 5 seed in the tourney. Do a little research and see who you like. You may surprise yourself by picking more than one 12 seed to win.

The favorites this year more than ever will make a deep run in the tourney. Throughout this Covid year it has been incredibly hard to predict games, but one thing that hasn’t been hard to predict is the top seeds in this tournament taking care of business.

Check for injuries! Some of these teams are limping into the NCAA tournament with a lot of injuries…. *cough cough* Villanova *cough cough*… and this is incredibly important to check when filling your bracket out. This is where some of these upsets will come from. A mid major that is full strength going up against a power 5 team that is riddled with injuries. CHECK THOSE INJURIES!

Covid is something that is going to affect the teams. There are some teams that are currently traveling that may not have their best players. Be sure to check the injury reports and covid reports to see if anyone on the teams that you are picking will be missing.

Our last and best advice is…..don’t go with your heart, go with your head. If your team was lucky enough to make the tournament, congratulations….but do not put them in the final four just cause you went to school there, unless you don’t care about your bracket then go ahead. Look at the statistics, use some of the free websites to help pick your bracket and have fun with the best time of the year.