How To Pre Order the Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S on Cyber Monday

How To pre-order the xbox series x & xbox series s on cyber monday

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How to Pre-Order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Cyber Monday

Wondering where to pre-order the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series on Cyber Monday? The day is finally here! Cyber Monday! And if you are like most people, you haven’t been able to find a place to pre-order the new Xbox! Well look no further! We have you covered with all of the best places to be able to try and pre-order that new console for the holidays.

There are many places to look but the first place is There have been multiple glitches on the website, but they are doing flash sales, so keep that browser up and keep smashing that refresh button.

The next place to look is Best Buy. They were supposed to drop their new inventory at Noon EST but as of 12:30 pm EST, they still have not. This is no surprise, as they did the same thing in October when they initially released their sales to the public. Be sure to keep hitting refresh and try to get that console!

Lenovo is our next stop. They have not released a release time for their drop of the new Xbox, so be sure to have that tab open.

Sam’s Club has yet to release their inventory to the public. It is a place where most people wouldn’t think to search, so you may have a good chance of snagging one there.

Walmart and Target are out of stock and if you are really wanting to pay the price for a new console, Amazon and StockX are the way to go. You will have to pay a steep price to be able to purchase one, but if you are really in dire need of getting your hands on one, those websites do have some in stock.

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