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What You Should Know About the Internet of Behavior (IOB)

The Internet of Behavior is something we’ll become increasingly aware of—and that we might have to grapple with as a society.

Soon the IoB will be prevalent. By 2023, they predict that the individual activities of 40% of the global population will be tracked digitally in order to influence our behavior.

So, what is this Internet of Behavior?

The collection and use of data to drive behaviors is called the Internet of Behaviors (IoB).  An example of it is industrial sites having employed computer vision to determine if employees were complying with mask protocol and then collecting this behavioral data to be analyzed by the organizations to influence people to follow government protocols at work.

IoB can gather, combine and process data from many sources including:

-Citizen data processed by public-sector

-Commercial customer data

-Government agencies

-Social media

-Public domain

-Location tracking.

Inadvertently, companies can know a lot more about you—your interests, dislikes, the way you vote, and the way you purchase.

Now, companies are increasingly using such information to inform how they sell, but it’s not all targeted advertising. Data reaped from the IoT can be used for other reasons:

-Organizations can test the effectiveness of their campaigns, both commercial and non-profit.

-Health providers can measure the activation and engagement efforts of patients.

-Policymakers could even personalize content, affecting laws and current programs.

By 2020, they predict 75 billion devices will be part of the IoB. In America, that comes to an average of five connected devices per household. IoB influences consumer choice, this gives companies we don’t historically love engaging with, like insurance providers and banking, the opportunity to change their image.

IoB sums up to company gain at the expense of individual original thought or proclivities but it is here to stay. The more connected and technologically advanced we become as a society, the greater IoB’s influence will have on our lives.


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