NFL and AWS Announce a New Partnership

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NFL and AWS announce a new partnership. Traffick Media has you covered as we unveil the details of this new partnerhip and what it will mean for the NFL.

AWS and the NFL announced a new partnership to help reduce head injuries by using machine learning. Injuries are a part of every sport but the head injuries in professional football is becoming a concerning one. 

A study that was completed in 2017 showed that 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players had CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive degenerative disease found in the brain of people that have repetitive brain trauma. The NFL is a very violent game where tackling is a necessity. When players are tackled, they are hit in the head sometimes, causing a concussion and thus causing damage to the head.

The NFL has already been collecting data on its players and has countless hours of video which could help AWS be able to improve the helmet design. This could also help lead to rule changes and reduce the amount of concussions that are currently in the sport. The NFL has had this data, but has not had the expertise to be able to put it to use. 

AWS comes into play by taking all of this data that the NFL has compiled and putting it into its machine learning toolset. By doing this they are able to understand the data and use it to help create a safer environment for the NFL and its players. The NFL is already trying to incentivize the helmet industry into making them safer and better by establishing the $3 million helmet challenge. This challenge is designed to help bring innovators, helmet manufacturers and experts together to develop a new helmet for NFL players that outperforms what is currently being used. $2 million in grant funding and $1 million in award money will be given out.


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