Digital Marketing Partner Case Study

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In this case study, you’ll see how Traffick developed a B2C digital campaign that resulted in short- and long-term success for our partner.


Digital: Beyond Stats

PROBLEM: Increase sales revenue generated from online sells based on their current digital marketing budget.

SOLUTION: Traffick Digital Media implemented a strategic campaign using programmatic advertising and PPC via Google to generate leads for the client by using hyper-targeted user personas actively searching for services and products provided by our client. The programmatic strategy focused on conversions rather than brand awareness, the typical objective of display advertising, and were focused in areas that PPC campaigns were too expensive. Our PPC campaign focused solely on conversions and increased revenue in areas that allowed us to increase the ROI as much as possible. In doing so, Traffick Media currently generates roughly 1 million dollars in revenue on a $40,000 per month budget spend. 

2.2 Million Impressions

Through digital advertising, Traffick provided millions of impressions at the fraction of the cost of traditional media buys. 


Lead Conversion Rate

With an increased CTR and hyper-targeted strategies, there was a 300% increase in conversions.


1.2 Million

By investing $40,000 in programmatic advertising and PPC, our partner generated  over 1 Million in revenue.

Web Solutions

A new record was set with site visitors (40,992) and new users (38,372)

Campaign Set-up

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