As COVID-19 has disrupted many industries, it is only common sense that events were the first to go and will be the last to return. However, events from concerts to charity fundraisers have taken to the internet to continue to engage their audiences.  At Traffick Digital Media we have built a state-of-the-art studio for recording or video production.

Media and advertising today require top level content production, which inspires customers to reach out and engage with your company.  At Traffick Digital Media’s office and studio, we connect the abilities to record video and audio at the highest levels. 

Shooting in Full 4K, with multiple audio channels and camera angle options, our complete media studio is the solution to helping us capture and produce content for websites, advertisements, and graphic interactive content that sets your message apart.  With our in-house capabilities, we can be creative while also moving fast to constantly stay up to date with fresh additions for social media, blogs, podcasts, channels, websites, printed materials and more.

We are here to help our client’s deliver high quality online events. Start your next online event with Traffick Digital Media. 


Studio Equipment:

  • Complete lighting rig for attaching any instruments / accessories
  • Bi-colore lighting with spectrum variance, three angle control
  • 8: RGB spotlights with 9 color control
  • Rolling camera with height adjustment and gimbal/stabilizer control
    • Sony A7iii: 4k 28MP
    • Sony A6600: 4K 28mp
  • Zoom controller 4 channel simultaneous audio recording
  • Condenser, dynamic, lapel mic with phantom power
  • Complete audio mixing board with full equalizer ranges
  • Live stream switching, 4 channel video input control
  • Green, Blue, Red screen with chroma key overlay in real time
  • Live broadcast, recorded and mastered video
  • Triple monitor station with Dell i7 PC, 5GB video card