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Podcasts On Spotify?

Spotify has been spending a lot of money on podcasts and wants you to be a part of the movement. An estimated $400-500 million was spent by Spotify in 2019 alone on this format.

Spotify is known to be a streaming platform of music, but they are not necessarily known for their podcasts. They are trying to make a big splash into this market. Spotify does an end of the year wrap-up where they show their customers the content that they streamed the most during the past year. This year, they started to include podcasts in the wrap-up instead of just your favorite music, trying to push their podcasts on you even more.

To help customers of Spotify be aware of their podcasts, they are even introducing a new button to make it easier on users. This new feature will be rolled out in several countries including the U.S., Australia, Brazil, U.K., New Zealand, and Ireland. This new button feature will be targeted at those users who have not yet listened to podcasts on Spotify yet. 

The company will says that it will push both its own and non-Spotify podcasts with this new feature. What platform do you use to listen to podcasts? Will Spotify be one that you consider?


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