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Twitter just released their newest updates - What does this mean for you and how will these changes effect your experience? Traffick Media is here to help!

Twitter updates have been released and there have been quite a few s in the last week that may affect what you see and how it functions. 

Twitter has officially banned political ads. It is as simple as it sounds, Twitter is no longer allowing political content to be promoted. This includes parties, candidates, governments or officials. Certain political nonprofit groups and PACs are banned from promoting any content. To be clear about what they are doing, Twitter is banning paid promotion of political content, NOT all political content. You are still able to post what you want on Twitter and talk about politics as much as you want, you just can’t pay for it to be seen by more people. 

Twitter has added a way to report the lists feature for abusive use. If you have ever reported an abusive tweet before, you know that you tap on three-dot icon next to the tweet and then choose “Report”. To report a list for abusive behavior you do the same thing. These lists on Twitter have become a way for people to be able to target and harass people for years, with minority groups and women normally being the targets. Until now, these lists were able to continue on without any repercussions. Thankfully Twitter has finally decided to try to combat these lists and protect their users.

Twitter rolls out their hide replies feature. This new feature allows users who tweet to be able to hide replies that they seem to be abusive, trolling, irrelevant, annoying or any other reason they do not want it to be shown. These features do not take away someone’s reply for a tweet, it just makes someone make an extra click to be able to see it. Some people find this as a problem because they feel like their opinion is being hidden, while others think that this allows their tweet to feature the replies that are more relevant to the topic and can reduce off-topic replies.

Twitter no longer requires a phone number for two-factor authentication. If you wanted to set up two-factor authentication in the past, then you were stuck with giving your phone number to be able to activate it. Some people would have trouble with this process as their inbound SMS would be hijacked by SIM swapping. Now there is no need to worry about those SMS making it to your phone as Twitter has changed their policy on this. 

With all these changes in Twitter, which new feature do you like the best? Are you unhappy with any of these features? Let us know below!


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