Web & Mobile App Development

Custom Built Sites

Our websites range from basic template based brochure styles to custom high-end complex sites with individualized web applications. We are able to build on a variety of platforms, but our platform of choice is WordPress. WordPress powers more than 50% of websites on the internet, and has thousands of add-ons, which allows us to develop sites that are agile and reliable.

If you have an eCommerce based business, we provide clients the additional option of using Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento.


Mobile Applications

As experienced mobile app developers in Louisville, Traffick Digital Media can assist you in creating the best application for your business. Whether you need a standalone custom mobile application,  website with mobile application combination, or website application we have the skills, creativity, track record and knowledge.

1. Plan & Research

2. Feasibility Assessment

3. Wireframe

4. Design

5. Testing

App Launch

Website and eCommerce Platforms

Results-Driven and Agile design

Traffick Digital Media’s team of developers focus on building websites and applications (apps) that go beyond aesthetic appeal to maximize conversions. In short we build websites and mobile apps that work, generate traffic, and convert. Our technology-neutral stance ensures that the frameworks, software, hosting and content management systems that we’ll recommend fit your exact requirements. From the initial pitch and ideas to the ongoing support and guidance we provide, we’ll work in partnership with you every step of the way. 

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, our developers may recommend using and agile process to facilitate the developing a minimum viable product. The average site takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete, some are faster and those that are more involved can take much longer.

In an agile environment the phases run parallel instead of beginning one after the other.  Design, development and testing take place at the same time. The project is then chucked into smaller viable parts that can be developed and released immediately.

A waterfall process is a more typical process when building websites. Developers follow a smooth consecutive process and complete all necessary parts of one stage before moving onto the next phase.

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