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Galt House

A staple of Legendary Louisville, the Galt House Hotel is rooted in the history of the city. Our objective in producing this commercial was to showcase the incredible renovations the Galt House has implemented in a fun, welcoming way, appealing to existing and new demographics holistically.  Welcome to the new Galt House Hotel.

Jockey Silks
Bourbon Bar

A premier bourbon bar, with a quaint ambiance, Jockey Silks is a go-to for bourbon lovers and fans of innovative cocktails. Our goal as we conceptualized the creative was highlighting the uniqueness of the space, while showcasing the bar as a staple hang out in Louisville.


Sexy. Swanky. Social. Swizzle’s slogan encompasses exactly what the ambiance is of Louisville’s new favorite restaurant, 25 floors above the downtown skyline. From the shot list to the music selection, we strategically crafted every element of their commercial to showcase the uniqueness of Swizzle 25. 

Walker's Exchange

A fine place with honest fare, Walker’s Exchange boasts an extensive menu with a good home cookin’ feel. In this commercial, we focused on telling that story in an upbeat way. From a beautiful patio setting, to brick oven pizza and exclusive wine bottles. we wanted to communicate the variety and appeal of Walker’s Exchange’s offerings.