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We believe that our strength lies in our team – a diverse group of strategists, creators, and tech enthusiasts, all driven by a passion to deliver results. Get to know the individuals who make our success stories possible.

Jesse Daniels
With a solid foundation in technology, Jesse directly oversees our Digital Development team, ensuring that our technological solutions are cutting-edge and effective. Jesse has personally optimized complex campaigns that have increased our partners' revenue tenfold. Now, he leads a team of skilled data analysts, instilling his wealth of experience and strategic insights. As the driving force behind Traffick Media, Jesse combines technical expertise and visionary leadership to propel our partners to success.
Neemo Tawasha
Having personally exited several ventures in both the tech and retail industries, Neemo brings a wealth of experience and unique insights into the real challenges our partners face. His vast experience informs his leadership at Traffick Media, guiding our operations to deliver tailored solutions that address the core issues our clients encounter. Neemo's expertise is pivotal in shaping our approach, allowing us to drive meaningful impact and success for our partners.
Jason Schmidt
Senior VP Business Development
(East Coast)
A seasoned entrepreneur with nearly two decades in the small business community, Jason deeply understands the diverse challenges faced by companies across industries. At Traffick Media, his unique insights help us tailor solutions that meet our partners' distinct needs, driving their success.
Tim Zajaros
Senior VP Business Development
(West Coast)
With his background as a Hollywood producer, Tim brings an unparalleled network of connections to the table, providing immense value to our partners. His rich experience in the entertainment industry also lends unique insights to our content team, helping to shape compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. At Traffick Media, Tim's vast network, industry insight, and strategic vision are instrumental in driving business development and crafting engaging content for our partners.
Michael Tawasha
Director, Content Development
Beginning his career in college athletics, Michael developed a knack for conceptualizing compelling content that drove fan engagement and ticket sales, earning multiple awards along the way. At Traffick Media, he brings this 'content first' mentality to our partners, crafting engaging narratives that don't just tell stories, but also drive traffic and boost sales. With a wealth of expertise in content creation, Michael is instrumental in driving both creativity and business results for our partners.
Kyle Irvin
Director, Partner Relationships
Armed with a deep-seated commitment to understanding our partners' unique challenges, Kyle ensures we deliver solutions that are as distinctive as the businesses we serve. His role is pivotal in establishing strong relationships with our partners and delivering personalized service that exceeds expectations. At Traffick Media, Kyle is dedicated to deepening our understanding of partners' needs, enhancing partner satisfaction, and ultimately, enabling our partners' success.
Matt Melander
Director, Operations
Leveraging his vast experience, Matt is dedicated to ensuring every detail of our operations is efficient and every solution is tailored to our clients' unique needs. His commitment to organization and meticulous attention to detail ensures that no client falls through the cracks. At Traffick Media, Matt is central to delivering exceptional service, fostering valuable business connections, and driving client success.
Jessica Jodion
Office Manager
Elijah Sartin
Data Analyst
Andrew Hasty
Web Developer